Monday, January 23, 2012

The Fatty Awards - Paul Deen

So guess what? The funny, bubbly woman with the heavy hand scooping out the butter, lacing it with sugar and then throwing in all your favorite Food Network recipes, Paul Deen, has announced she has type 2 diabetes.

No real surprise there, I guess.

The thing we find most shocking at The Healthy Boy is that Paula has known about her disease since 2008, and yet has continued to promote the recipes that caused it, to the public including releasing a children's cookbook. Not only that, but she has now only announced this revelation because she is teaming up with a drug company that sells a drug that manages the disease.

Smells like $ to us. Sorry Paula, you receive this week's Fatty Award.

What do y'all think? Does this change your opinion of Paula Deen? Will you still make her recipes?


Who do you think should win next week's Fatty Award? We award them to people or products that promote a non Healthy Boy Lifestyle.

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