Friday, January 20, 2012

How To Get Ripped

Men's Health recently published an article on "The Rules Of The Ripped". Are you following them? Check them out below... plus two additional Healthy Boy rules at the end :)

Rule #1: "I will eat protein with every meal and every snack"

Rule #2: "I will never eat the world's worst breakfast... (none)"

Rule #3: "I will eat before and after exercise"

Rule #4: "I will eat it if it grows on a tree"

Rule #5: "I will eat the salad even if it makes me feel girly"

Rule #6: "I will not drink sugar water"

Rule #7: "I will follow the rules of the ripped 80% of the time"

Healthy Boy's Rule #8: "I will always workout legs, no matter what" Yes that's right folks legs are not to be forgotten in your weekly workouts, in fact working out your legs twice a week will get you even more shredded. Whether your bulking up or trimming down, leg workouts help you achieve your goals by burning more fat than any other muscle group

Healthy Boy's Rule #9: "I will always read the label". Whether it's your protein shake, protein bar, or packaged chicken at the supermarket, anything in a package no matter how healthy it can seem, can contain hidden sugar and fat, and artificial ingredients that have no place inside any healthy boy... or girl.

The above rules are my cliff notes version. To read a more in depth look at each rule and how and why to follow them, head to Men's Health. It's a great read.

Source: Men's Health


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