Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year Diet Plans

Another New Year has come and gone which means you are likely weeks into your latest heath related vow to kick those bad habits, right?  Sooo how’s it going? Engorged into that first Krispy Kreme donut yet?  Caved and lit that first cigarette of 2012?  If so, that will surely be the only one… right?  For our readers who are still flourishing, we applaud your success and truly hope it continues.  However, studies find that nearly 88%* of you will fail to keep your resolution by year’s end and it’s likely many of you will have ALREADY failed. But fear not, because after a brief hiatus The Healthy Boy is back with some game changing advice.  That 2012 goal is still well within your reach and this year we’re going to help you get there, this year will be different!

Regardless if your resolution is still alive or not, just remember there are still more than 11 months remaining in 2012.  Here at Healthy Boy we are going to give you the best advice you’ve ever read about resolutions.  They are usually...

unsuccessful because they are unrealistic and overwhelming.  We are creatures of habit and most resolutions are too shocking to one’s daily routine, consequently making them unsustainable.  All too often people try these crazy fad diets or set lofty end goals rather than focusing on the manageable steps to reach them. Your success or failure this year relies heavily on your ability to understand these two key words, BE REALISTIC! 

If your 2011 daily diet included any of the following…

Breakfast:  Bagel w/ cream cheese, Sugary Cereal, Fatty Muffin, Coffee with cream & sugar

Lunch: Pizza, Sandwich & Chips, Bowl of Pasta, can of soda

Afternoon Snack: Chips, cookies, candy bar, coffee & a vending machine run

Dinner: Pasta, Burger & Fries, Chinese Food, Fast Food, more Pizza

Dessert: Crispy Cream, Ice Cream, Brownies, cookies, COOKIES, & more COOKIES

…then it is NOT REALISTIC to think you can start waking up early every morning to cook an organic egg white omelet, pack that healthy low fat salad every day and turn down that pizza or Taco Tuesdays with your buddies at night.  Trust me, it just aint gona happen!  That’s like asking a drunk, substance abusing, sexaholic to become a born again Christian over night.  Again, NOT REALISTIC! However, what IS REALISTIC is changing one bad thing about your diet at a time.  Think of it this way, when a house is built do carpenters build the walls and the roof at the same time?  No, they start with the foundation and build up from there.  So why should building a healthy diet be any different, because it’s not.  If you think you can manage changing one thing about your poor eating habits then please read on and start contemplating this question. What is your diet’s Achilles heel? 

Those of you, who buy giant tubs of Rocky Road ice cream every week and down a bowl each night before bed, look no further I think we’ve located your first problem to fix.  If you drink a soda with every meal, exchange it for water or an unsweetened ice tea.  For those with more of an all-encompassing gluttony, aka with a lack of a single guilty pleasure then start with one of the HB building blocks, to name a few…

Eat a healthy balanced breakfast, every day

Do not drink sugar (soda, sugar in coffee, red bull etc.)

Remove white flour from your diet

Eat 3-4 servings of vegetables every day

No desserts on weekdays (reward yourself with one dessert each weekend)

…so just pick one and stick to it, not three times a week or when you have time, EVERY DAY!  Don’t be unrealistic and try to change your entire diet all at once.  Address this one issue, promise yourself that no matter what you will not, NOT EVEN ONCE let it slip and you will be on your way to losing weight or getting those 6-pack abs you’ve always wanted.  After this first change is ingrained into your eating habits, move on to the next problem.  If you can change one thing about your diet each month this year (again one at a time) by year’s end you will have an entirely new diet and likely and entirely new body.  

You have the power to make this year different.  Don’t worry about that resolution.  Forget that crazy diet or cleanse, and definitely don’t try eating no carbs.  Just build yourself a healthy diet one step at a time and remember to always BE REALISTIC! In 2012 you will reach your goal and Healthy Boy will help you get there.


*Statistic is based on results from a 2007 study conducted by Richard Wisemen at the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people               


  1. I get it but the white flour thing is such bs and makes me guess if this site is real

  2. Setting realistic goals is much easier to and attain. Don't force yourself to completely shun away from sinful foods. The key to successful diet is to control how much of the bad and the good foods you eat plus a little help of weight loss supplements.


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