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Want to do some extra reading to help you build some more muscle and burn some fat? There are only a few books that I recommend to my readers and you can check them out below;

1. The Truth About Abs
Mike Geary, Personal Trainer and fitness expert, teaches you some simple tips (and even a few secrets) of what you need to eat, and how you need to workout, to reveal those six pack abs you have hidden under those love handles.
You learn about:

- Shocking foods that burn belly fat
- 2 so-called "health" foods that you should NEVER eat (they can actually increase stomach fat)
- Motivation secrets for lifelong fitness success
- 1 unique "trick" to reduce junk-food cravings
- Weird workouts that burn abdominal fat faster than typical "cardio"
- The TRUTH about getting flat abs without bogus "fat burner" pills

A lot of my readers have bought this book and rave about how much they have benefited from it. 

Buy It

2. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
This was the book that I read over six years ago that taught me all about nutrition and working out, that saw me pack on some muscle, shed some fat, and say goodbye to my old skinny self. It is the #1 best-selling diet ebook on the Internet, is completely unique and different from other programs on the diet market because it's not a weight loss program - it's a fat loss program. Once you've read just the first three chapters, there will be no doubt in your mind that pursuing weight loss is not only the wrong goal, it may be the reason why you've failed to reach and maintain your ideal body weight

Burn The fat shows you exactly why it's fat you must lose, not weight, why you cannot succeed with starvation diets, and then shows you exactly how to burn off fat, step by step, in one of the most detailed fat loss nutrition books ever written.

If you're interested in learning exactly what to eat to lose fat the natural way - without supplements, without drugs and without slowing down your metabolism - while also learning the why behind it all, then this program could truly change your life. 

Have a read! What have you got to lose?... except maybe a few pounds.

Healthy Boy x

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