Thanks for checking out The Healthy Boy, a cool new site where you get useful and up-to-date information on nutrition and health topics, fitness and diet articles, and related products and information designed for the savvy and health conscious reader.

Whilst The Healthy Boy is a relatively new site, we have already experienced an incredibly large influx of regular and unique readers and subscribers. Some of the products recommended by The Healthy Boy have already flown off the shelves, selling out in record time and putting stock on back order.

Healthy Boy respects his readers and will only recommend products that he trusts, has used himself, and ones he believes his readers will benefit benefit from using. Further to this, Healthy Boy often features products that he has no affiliation with or one's he receives no reward for featuring.

Advertising space is also available with The Healthy Boy. We offer both Banner Ads and Blog Ads.

If you would like your, or your company's product featured or sold on The Healthy Boy, or you would like to discuss advertising, please contact Adam via email at

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