Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get A Six Pack Without Going To The Gym

Almost everyone has a gym membership these days but how many of people actually utilize that membership on a weekly basis? Many people sign up, only to go a handful of times in the first couple of weeks and then never go back. For the ones that do actively go the gym day in day out to work on their health and fitness, how many of them do you think could utilize what they do in the gym to help them in potentially-dangerous situations? The answer is not many...

While many people head to the gym as a first resource in getting fit and healthy, there is another way to stay in shape, that also helps increase your confidence and provide you with skills that one day could help you save your life. One that will not only benefit you physically, but mentally, and allow you to defend yourself in dangerous situations. Martial Arts.

With the recent rise in popularity of MMA, or mixed martial arts, the number of people, and the types and backgrounds of people, entering into a martial arts program has exploded. Despite common conceptions, it is not the domain of elementary school children and extremely fit, overly aggressive, young males. A visit to a nearby martial arts dojo will reveal that there are a variety of people who have chosen this healthy form of discipline. Everyone from soccer moms, doctors, teenage girls, and senior citizens.

Not only do they go for the obvious benefit of being able to defend themselves against attack, but to become physically fit and to increase their confidence and mental strength. Martial arts by nature will impart a sense of calm under stress, confidence in oneself and life, patience and grace under pressure... and give you a killer six pack and get rid of those love handles all at the same time! If you’re interested in getting in shape, staying in shape, having more self-confidence, being able to defend yourself, or any combination thereof, you should look into a martial arts regimen. There are any number of elite defense systems to chose from so finding one that is right for you is no trouble.

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