Friday, August 27, 2010

The Ultimate Gym Bag

Do you go to one of those gyms that have those stupidly designed lockers that have multiple ledges? They are great for hanging up a shirt or putting your phone and keys in, but if you have a gym bag like most of us do, then you have to stuff it in and it ends up falling down the side of the locker and anything inside gets squashed including your that peanut butter and jelly sandwich you were looking forward to for lunch which ends up smooshed all over your work clothes. Not only that, but trying to get things in and out of your bag while you are changing in the locker room is a hassle. Well fret no more because a newly designed gym bag has become available that not only helps solve all those problems for you, but it helps you look stylish while doing so.

Let me introduce you to the Glo Bag and the newest must have for any gym junkie or fitness enthusiast. It separates everything via two self contained shelves within the bag, dividing it up into three compartments. One compartment is designed for your gym shoes which has ventilated compartments so that stinky sweaty smell your feet get after a long run on the treadmill doesn't linger. The second shelf is designed for your toiletries bag (because who doesn't need some hair product after a grueling workout), and the upper compartment is to keep anything you need to be fresh and clean. The bag also comes with a cell phone pouch and a water bottle holder.

Not only that, but the manufacturer is also throwing in a free toiletries bag for all your manly skin care and body wash products, and a wet bag so you can throw your sweaty gym shirt and shorts in after your workout, normally at a value of $34.
Lucy enough to have a standard level locker at your gym? Well this gym bag is for you also. It can stand on a flat surface or hand from any coat hook or hanger.

The bag comes in solid black, black with gold webbing, or black with silver webbing. You can buy them below or with other healthy products via my shop tab above.

Solid Black                            

Black with Gold Webbing

Black with Silver Webbing

Happy Shopping!

Healthy Boy x

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