Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Build Muscle and Lose Fat When Traveling

You know what it's like; you go on vacation or you go traveling for business, and you come back a few pounds heavier. Then you spend the next few weeks trying hard to burn it off and get back into shape. I recently went on a trip to New York for 10 days, and because I normally eat incredibly healthy when I am at home, I came back four pounds heavier. I have to admit I spent the majority of that vacation inhaling chocolate brownies with melted peanut butter and ice cream, while throwing back ridiculously large amounts of alcohol, but nevertheless I came back with a bit of a belly. It's hard to stick to a healthy eating plan when dieting,  and unfortunately for most of us, it's difficult to get to the gym while on vacation or to find the time to sneak in some cardio. But it turns out, you don't need to be spending hours of your vacation in a gym to stay in shape while you travel. There are some cool new workout gadgets and equipment out there that you can take on your vacation, which take up hardly any space in your suitcase, and what's even better is you can use them in your hotel room in only minutes a day. Check out some your newest travel companions that are going to ensure you don't return from your trip with a bigger waistline.

Resistance Bands
At only $9, you can throw this heavy resistance band into your suitcase and pull it out to do some quick bicep curls, lateral raises or any other exercises you can think of.

Easy to use and provides strong resistance to help you build muscle with traveling

Thera-Band Loop Package

This is another great resistance band that is small so takes up little room in your suitcase, but provides strong resistance to challenge your muscles.

Put it around your legs and ankles to get a great leg workout, or loop it around something sturdy to do some upright rows

BodySport - Jump Rope

No time to hit the road or treadmill while on vacation? No problem. You can get your cardio on without ever leaving your room with this jump rope.

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises you can do to burn fat and calories. Do some push ups in between sets and you are getting a great muscle building workout also.

J/Fit Travel Kit

For the more serious and professional traveller, this kit provides everything you need to do a complete body workout.

At only $44, it has five different resistance cords, door anchor, two ankle straps, two handles, instructional guide and a carry bag.

Fitness Anywhere - TRX Suspension Trainer 

Want a more challenging workout while you are away that you can do in the comfort of your own room in just minutes? The TRX Suspension Trainer is for the hardcore gym junkie who can't get to the gym.

You can attach it to almost anything and it uses your own body weight as resistance. It also comes with it's own workout DVD to teach you exercises that will help you burn fat and build muscle

Fitness Anywhere - TRX Door Anchor

Don't need all that fancy equipment but want something you can attach to any door to help you exercise? The TRX door anchor is just for you.

Livewell 360 Core Fitness Bag

Not just for traveling but also for the serious fitness enthusiast is this awesome gym bag. Durable, light weight, modern and a separate compartment to store your sweaty shoes!

I totally want one.

Compression Socks

Like to get out and hit the road while you are on vacation? These compression socks are great for runners whether you are traveling or not.

They increase oxygen flow to your legs to help them recover during and after exercise, have arch support and breathable fabric. Also come in 5 different colors.

Looking for some more cool health, nutrition and fitness products to buy to help you get rid of your love handles and build some muscle? Take a browse around my shop by clicking here.

Healthy Boy x


  1. wow, you're selling TRX! awesome!

  2. Hi there. Overseas for longer travel than expected. Have been doing cardio daily - 45 min run + 30-45 min swim + 30 min of abs. Have been here for a week. Think I am losing too much muscle mass and plan to spend the rest of my trip (through the end of the month) doing muscle workouts only - I am keen on signing up to a gym as back home I would do 45 mins of running + muscle workouts + abs in between, sans the swimming.

    As far as food, I have been OK for the most part.

    Thoughts on my plan? A friend is coming to be with me through the rest of this month so the eating might be an issue . . .

    Any and all recommentdations re my plan, etc. are very very welcome. THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Some great options here. I'm a big fan of staying on track on the road. I travel a lot for business and pleasure so it's crucial for me to be consistent. I'll check some of these out...


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