Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congratulations to...

Rick R from San Francisco in California for being the lucky Healthy Boy reader to win a free copy of Michael Lipowski's groundbreaking fat loss and muscle building book, Pure Physique.

Rick was one of hundreds of Healthy Boy readers who subscribed to our email list during this promotion and will be receiving his hard copy from Price World Publishing shortly.

Didn't get a chance to sign up to emails? No problem, just by signing up we will send you a free muscle building and fat loss ebook, absolutely free.


Healthy Boy x


  1. I got the book the other day, it is full of great info. Thanks again!

  2. Dear Adam,

    I recently bought this book from Amazon. I am just halfway through but this book totally changed the way I view exercise. I am truly grateful for you endorsing this book.



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