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Celebrity Body Secrets - Taylor Lautner

If you don't know who Taylor Lautner is then you've probably been locked up against your will in some backyard crack den for the past few years, living off a Victoria Beckham diet of lettuce leave and lint balls and thinking Beiber fever was something you caught from using public restrooms.  Pictures of Taylor are everywhere you go these days, from entertainment TV shows and websites, to the cover of men's health and tabloid magazines, and of course plastered over the wall of every hormonal teenage girl across the country. But it's not only his breakout role in Twilight that has shot him to stardom, his transformation from twinky teenager to buff young man has gained him more attention than anything, and here I am going to reveal to you his workout and diet secrets that trainer Jordan Yuam used to get him buff and camera ready.

Taylor had to put on weight to reprise his role at Jacob in the Twilight Saga, which saw him go from a skinny 140lbs to increasing his muscle and body mass by an impressive 30lbs. The 5 foot 10 star had to work hard to get where he is though, which saw him endure grueling workouts and incredibly strict diet, overloading his muscles with calories and nutrients to grow. Lets take a look at how he did it;

Taylor's Workout

Increasing Negatives: Your body can take close to 40% extra weight on the negative movement of resistance training. For example, when doing a bench press if you can lift 100lbs, then your muscles can actually take 140% on the way down. Jordan Yuam, Taylor's trainer is aware of this and had Taylor increase the amount of weight he was resisting on the negative portion of many exercises and then assisting him with lifting the weight back up. This would push Taylor's muscles out of their comfort zone and cause huge increases in strength and the amount of weight he could ultimately lift.

Varying Rep Ranges: Jordan would consistently vary Taylor's rep ranges by going from heavy weights with few reps, to lighter weights with more reps. This creates muscle confusion, not allowing the muscle to get used to a particular way of lifting and therefore stimulating more muscle growth.

Time Under Tension: You heard me discuss TUT in the book review I posted yesterday, and it turns out Taylor utilized this technique also for increasing strength. Taylor would tie resistance bands to barbells and dumbells creating more tension throughout the entire range of motion, working muscles for longer periods of time during the lift.

Abs: Taylor would treat his abdominals like any other muscle group, by not overdoing it with pointless ab exercises every day. Jordan says that he only allowed Taylor to work his abs three times per week, giving them a day in between to recover and grow. Judging by the photos I think you will agree that technique has worked well for him.

Rest and Recovery: Train everyday and you are not giving yourself enough time to recover and build muscle. Taylor took every third day off and would not workout for more than five days a week.


I've talked in various articles on this blog that if you are overdoing it on cardio you could be potentially eating into muscle and not seeing as greater increases in lean muscle mass as you should be. This is an example of what Taylor encountered. Taylor was performing too much exercise which actually saw him lose weight and not what he wanted with his goal of getting bigger and buff for the Twilight movie role. So he cut down on the cardio.

Taylor's Diet

Its been reported that Taylor was maintaining a daily calorie intake of 3.200 calories. This was providing him with enough protein, fats and carbohyrdates to feed his muscles after his extensive workouts and giving them the required nutrients to grow. Now I do have to say, that Taylor is a teenager, has been doing martial arts since he was a child, and would have a incredibly high metabolism. If you or I attempted to take in 3,200 calories a day our muscles would grow sure, but so would our waistlines.

Being a busy A list star, Taylor was always on the go, and so had to take food with him to ensure he was eating every 2 hours which is something he sometimes found difficult to do as has been quoted saying "The actual getting to the gym and working out process was easier, but the eating was harder. It became a lot".

He ate a predominately clean diet, and when on the road or going from meeting to meeting he would take with him beef patties, sweet potatoes and almonds to snack on. Breakfast would sometimes consist of six egg whites, bacon and toast.

Healthy Boy x


  1. Thanks for these reminders of what really is common sense...yet we ALL forget that getting to the basics is what diet and exercise is all about. The difficulty is tuning out the bombardment of food ads, etc. that we as Americans get anytime we are online, watching tv, see a billboard, etc.

  2. @ Michael, We Dont know these basics. We have 4gtn it and i think it is a best thing that we can gain some assistance through it and we should appreciate him. :)

  3. He certainly packed on some quality size, and kept pretty ripped. He must have ben hitting the weights pretty hard..


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