Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book Review - Pure Physique by Michael Lipowski

I get sent muscle building and fat loss books by publishers and fitness "gurus" each week. I make sure I read everything that gets sent to me, but 90% of them never end up on this site. Why? Because I'm not going to recommend my readers buy anything that I believe they won't benefit from or anything that I wouldn't buy myself. There are two books I recommend on here, Burn The Fat and The Truth About Abs, each when I have read them have caused a light bulb to go off and have taught me training or nutrition techniques that I have benefited from. Well that light bulb went off again last week in a major way when I read Pure Physique by Michael Lipowski. If you are like me and have been working out for years and wonder why you have stopped putting on muscle, then this book is for you. It will change the way you work out.

So when it comes to nutrition or fat loss, the book didn't particularly teach me anything I didn't already know or techniques that you can't find online on many fitness or personal trainer websites: calculating calories, high intensity interval training, cycling carbohydrate intake etc. But when it came to weight lifting and resistance training it shed a whole new light on why people spend countess hours week in, week out, year after year in the gym lifting weights and not really changing their physique or see any increases in lean muscle tone...

I was always taught that to get big, you need to lift big, but Michael completely blows this myth out of the water and explains why you will get initial gains from lifting heavy weights, but why you plateau and eventually stop seeing any gains. He discusses principles that I hadn't really given much thought to, such as which muscle groups are fast twitch and which are slow twitch and why they require different weight lifting techniques to grow. He talks about when you should be going to failure, when you shouldn't be, and the rep and set ranges you should be aiming for based on various factors. He also discusses a principle known as TUT (Time Under Pressure) and how and why it can contribute to you seeing huge gains in lean muscle.

If you have been following the same weight lifting pattern forever and have not seen any increases in muscle, or work out hard and train to failure every time but still don't see any results, then I recommend you give this book a read. And at $11.21 through Amazon, you really have nothing to loose.

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