Saturday, January 25, 2014

Natural Solutions To Raise Testosterone

Testosterone is an essential hormone to mind and body health. A man’s physical strength and masculinity are closely tied to testosterone levels. Hormone balances also have an impact on a sense of well-being. Although testosterone has common benefits, there are various reasons why men may lose T.

Here are some reasons men may have low testosterone:

Aging is the most common cause of low T. Men may begin to lose testosterone at age 30, with accelerated hormone shifts between ages 40 and 70. Hormone changes may also cause ‘manopause’, which refers to the depression and body fat increases that could occur.

Some men have hormones removed from their bodies to stave off diseases, such as mumps. These diseases gain strength by feeding on testosterone and other hormones. It is important for men who underwent hormone depletion to rebuild testosterone levels. Testosterone boosters and medical therapies are commonly used.

Injuries to the testicles can impair Leydig cells from making testosterone. Be wary, as genital injuries are not always apparent. If you do not fall into other risk categories but have low T symptoms, a subtle injury to the testes may be a culprit.

Stressed Out
Low T could have roots in your stress levels. The body produces cortisol, a stress hormone, during anxiety.  Much like other hormones, cortisol is beneficial in certain amounts. When you’re under excess stress, more cortisol can crowd out testosterone and other hormones.

Below are some ways to raise your testosterone. Many of these ideas are helpful to men regardless of testosterone levels:

Step Up Your Workout Intensity
Since testosterone is crucial to strength, the body will produce T under physical strain. Bumping up workout intensity can cause the duress for this response. Lifting heavier weights can generate a testosterone response. Consider changing the order you complete exercises to work muscles in a different way. You could also reduce the rest periods between sets for a more challenging routine. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a versatile solution. HIIT can be applied to lifting weights and your cardio. Examples include adding short periods of sprints to your run or burpees for a total body workout.  Compound exercises for multiple body parts are also testosterone boosters. Deadlifts, squats, bent over rows and bench presses are options.

Your Diet
Cholesterol is an essential molecule used to make testosterone in the testes. Too much focus on low fat eating can limit what is the fuel to make testosterone. HDL cholesterol also clears our arteries of plaque buildup to improve hearth health. 
You can choose healthy fats in the form of eggs, nuts, fish and fatty oils to improve testosterone counts. A fresh salmon salad drizzled with olive oil is a protein packed choice. You can snack on a handful of almonds or add scrambled eggs to a breakfast burrito. These choices also contain essential fatty acids (EFAs) to build lean muscle tissue for better workout results. Since our bodies do not produce EFAs naturally, we must consume these through our diet.

Testosterone supplements can complement diet and exercise to raise testosterone. Be sure to understand the unique ingredients in testosterone boosters. Maca root and gamma oryzanol are natural compounds that can enhance your mood along with athletic performance.

Know Your Hormones
Hormones are crucial to many aspects of your life. By knowing how and why testosterone is lost, you can be proactive in taking action to improve hormone balances.

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