Monday, July 1, 2013

Important Muscle Building Tips For Alcohol Drinkers

Think your post workout meal is one of your most important meals of the day? Well its definitely one of them. But did you know that if you drink alcohol on a regular basis, or indeed are recovering from alcoholism, that you may need to put more time and effort into more than just your post workout meal. Once an
individual is looking to recover from an addiction to alcohol, or even narcotics, it is crucial that they have the proper nutrition and fitness regimen in order to get their body back up to one hundred percent.  Exercise and nutrition make for a huge part of physical health for recovering addicts because their body needs to recover nutrients that were exhausted during their addiction.  An Addiction Nutrition Program aims to help addicts with food choices and supplements to aid in recovery while also providing a healthy lifestyle for a long term recovery.  What types of food choices and exercise programs work best?

Manage Your Muscles
One of the biggest obstacles to healthy recovery for an addict is the fact that most of their muscle mass has been cannibalized by their metabolism in order to get the nutrients and minerals required for everyday living.  Since muscle mass has more vitamins, calories, and protein than fat reserves, the body will begin to metabolize muscle instead of fat once there are not enough calories coming in to provide regular homeostasis -- as typically happens for an addict.  High protein meals allow addicts to regenerate the muscle tissue that has been worn down, with meals that are high in lean protein such as chicken breasts, fish, nuts and beans, and skim dairy.

Eliminate Your Problems
One major physical issue that some recovering alcoholics have is that they are unable to properly eliminate their body's waste products.  Since alcoholics, for instance, replace most meals with alcoholic beverages, their digestion does not get enough fiber in order to create the stool needed to eliminate waste.  As such, many suffer from bloody feces or diarrhea.   An Addiction Nutrition Program uses food choices and supplements in aid in recovery that are high in fiber and whole grains so that the body can expunge toxins built up in the kidneys and liver.  Drinking lots of water, likewise, helps to eliminate residue of narcotics in the blood stream, and as much as a gallon of water per day can be helpful for addicts.

Exercise For Recovery
Since any counselor or physician will tell an addict that their best hope of a healthy lifestyle for a long term recovery depends on regular exercise, planning a recovery session around light-to-moderate workouts should begin early on.  While few addicts are able to work their heart out for more than a handful of seconds, gradually increasing the pace of exercise allows for better returns on metabolism and circulation.  Addicts may begin slowly, simply by walking around the block, and increase their performance by a small percent each day.  Exercise increases the flow of endorphins in the brain, making a person feel better and eliminating sensations of pain, two important factors to overcoming an addiction.

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