Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Before And After: Muscle Building

Today's before and after photo is truly inspirational and shows you that no matter what your current body structure or frame is, you can pack on muscle, burn fat and lean up and turn your body into
something you have always wanted to. Clearly a hardgainer, this guy went from skinny with no muscle structure in the before photo on the left, to muscular, built and broad on the right in the after photo. He didnt pack on pounds of fat to "bulk up", he just worked with what he had, ate right and had a really great muscle building gym workout plan.

What to know how he did it? You can build muscle and burn fat just like he did. Start by reading one of these books that teach you all the tips and tricks to losing fat and building the body of your dreams.


  1. WOW...wonder at 71...is it too late?

  2. These guys all seem under 21 or something. Is it quicker for a 21 year old to gain muscle than a 32 year old?


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