Friday, August 6, 2010

Healthy Weekend Links

Healthy Boy has had a crazy week being all busy and important... well I like to think I am anyway... so to apologize for the lack of content, check out some of the interesting and informative health and fitness articles that came out this week.

Add One Inch To Your Arms: Men's Fitness

The Dark Side Of Vitamin Water: Remember that post Healthy Boy did on Vitamin water way back when? Well it turns out I was ahead of the curve with this new article in the Huffington Post just coming out this week.

Celebrity Weight Loss - What They Are Doing to Get Thin: Diet Blog

6 Exercises You Need To Build Your 6-Pack: contributor Chad Slaw shows you 6 exercises you may not be doing, which will help you get rock hard abs.

Easy Ways To Blast Away Fat: Men's Health

8 Foods To Eat Raw: The Daily Green

5 Ways To Get Off A Weight Loss Plateau: Thats Fit

Are You Making This Fat Storing Mistake Before You Exercise?: Dr Mercola

Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?: A great article for women but beneficial for men also from Slimming Resources

Healthy Boy x

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