Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something Exciting is Coming...

So you may have noticed that little blue button that has appeared on at the top of my blog this week that says "Something Exciting is Coming". If you are one of my savvy Healthy Boy readers, you may have even clicked on it and found that it takes you to a site where there is a countdown clock. If you are really clever, you may have even popped in your email address for a chance to win something...

Yes it is completely legit, and no you are not going to be bombarded with spam emails asking you to buy viagra or see Britney Spears naked, nor will your Grandma be coerced into giving away her pension to some Nigerian banking scam.

I cant say exactly what is happening yet, but what I can tell you is Healthy Boy is changing in a big way. And when that clock ticks down to the last second on August 10th, there will be some exciting changes that will add some new functionality, enabling you as a reader to have access to products and services that will enable you live healthier, happier lives.

Stay Tuned...and if you do sign up, you get a chance to win some awesome prizes.


Healthy Boy x

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