Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot Product - Klean Kanteen

So after my article the other day on Why You Need To Stop Drinking Bottled Water, I recycled my Smart Water bottle which I had been reusing forever, and headed up to the store to see what substitute I could find. Preferably something that doesn't contain those nasty chemicals found in the plastic bottles that leach into the water. I mean guzzling down some Bisphenol or Benzene might sound appealing to some, but unless you want your body resembling the plastic from which you drank it *cough Heidi Montag cough* I'd rather drink from something safer. There are a few products available now that don't have BPA or made from plastics that leach, but the one I thought was the coolest was from Klean Kanteen.
They are drink bottles that are light weight and made from stainless steel, instead of plastic or metal, making it a great choice for your body and the planet. It has none of those nasty chemicals found in plastic bottles such as BPA, and doesn't contain any nasty aluminum either.

I must admit that the mouth piece opening is a lot bigger than a plastic water bottle which saw me spill some water on me at the gym at first, but it just made me look like I had been sweating more from a grueling workout. I quickly got the hang of it. You can also apparently get sports tops, but I didn't see any of these available.

Check em out.

Healthy Boy x

1 comment :

  1. Hmmmmm - I may have to get one of these.

    Meanwhile - help me jump start my metabolism - please :(

    Damien Oz


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