Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scratch Proof Your iPhone

If you are one of the lucky people who got your new iphone 4 last week, I am green with envy. I had one too many drinks a couple of weeks back, lost my beloved iPhone, and as a result have shutter boarded myself inside my apartment in fear of the horrified gasps by people on the street as they see the old brick of a handset I am currently using. Taking it out in public would surely result in social suicide and see me pelted with rotten fruit by passers by.

invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 3G

But if you did get your new iphone, have an old iphone, or any phone for that matter, did you know you don't need to cover it with one of those bulky cases to protect it? Check out this cool new product from Zaag called The Invisible Sheild. Its a clear buffer between your gadget and the outside world, completely protecting it from scratches and. smashed screens. You can also use it on your iPad. Check it out.

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  1. I got that Zagg stuff for my iPods. I have mixed opinions of it. It does what it claims, but it's definitely *not* "invisible". The plastic it comes shipped in leaves permanent marks on the surface of the material that never come one. So if you're unfortunate enough to get one with marks where the viewing port is, there's no way to remove it. And even if there's no marks on it, the texture of the stuff makes for some moire patterns and prism effects on the screen. (Those Grindr pics are /small/!)

    And it's a b*tch to install. Really. It went okay on the Nano I use for the gym, but trying to get it on the iPod touch was a bear and a half. Once applied to the Nano, it's hard to insert it into the arm band that I use at the gym. It sticks on the way in and out. I fully expect the plastic of the armband to leave more marks on the surface of the Zagg stuff.

    That stuff ain't cheap, but they periodically have 1/2 off sales. I'd suggest waiting for that.

    If I were to do it again, I'd probably not use it for the glass of the iPod touch. It's good to protect the back (even though it's so hard to install), but I'm less than thrilled with the face. For the Nano, it's one piece, so you have to use all or none (but I don't really watch video on that screen, so it doesn't matter so much).


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