Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hot Product

Wow, it turns out that my Healthy Boy readers love their peanut butter. In response to my first Hot Product post the other week about PB2, the fat free powdered peanut butter, the company that makes it have completely sold out and are on back order. 

My next Hot Product is one my mom and I discovered back in Sydney about six years ago. Its available in many countries, at many online stores as well retail health and vitamin stores such as Whole Foods here in the States. It's going to make your skin glow and hair thick and beautiful like you belong on the cover of In Touch Weekly.

Remember all those old wives tales you've been told that supposedly make your skin healthier and younger and your hair thick and shinny? Yep, there are a lot of them, and needless to say I've tried them all in my desperate attempts to hold onto my youth and satisfy my insatiable vanity. I've cracked eggs on my head, soaked my hair in beer and ended up with nothing other than smelling like Amy Winehouse serving brunch at a brewery. I've smeared avocado on my face, stuck masking tape between my eyes and temples and yet i still end up with skin that would qualify me for a senior's card at TJ Max.

Hubner Silica gel however is one product that I love. It's a supplement that's used to support healthy skin, hair, nails and connective tissue. We all have silica in our bodies, in fact it is in all living things and is essential to humans. When you take it in supplement form, it helps the production of collagen in your system making your skin glow, hair thick and nails strong just to name a few benefits.

On a study of 55 healthy individuals with thin hair, results showed that when supplemented with Hubner Silica Gel their hair thickness increased 13% on average. Imagine what a 13% increase in the thickness of your hair could do for your image? You'd be going from beanie wearing Bruce Willis to an over-styled Zac Efron in no time.

I've tried and used other silica products from health food stores, and personally never really seen as good results as with Hubner. In fact their product contains no additives, preservatives, stabilizers and not tested on animals. It's also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

I swallow a spoonful first thing in the morning before breakfast, but you can use it how you see fit as long as you take it every day. It does come in a gel though, so some people prefer to mix it into a glass of water or juice to dilute.

Skin wise, it does take around three - four weeks to see the effect. But when you see the results, you will be impressed and people will start to comment on how good you look. It takes a little longer to see the benefits to your hair and nails. I also recommend using the gel rather than the tablets.

But don't just take my word for it, have a look at what other people have to say in the review tab under the silica product on iherb.

The retailers like Whole Foods where I have seen this sold can be a little expensive at around $35 a bottle for a one month supply, so I recommend people buy it online. The two cheapest places are iherb and Iherb is the cheapest though at $21.62 plus postage, and I have contacted them and gotten a further discount for Healthy Boy readers. You simply have to enter the promotional code  DAM849  when you make your purchase and you will receive a further $5 off if this is your first iherb purchase.

Use the links below to go straight to the Silica product page at these online stores.

iherb - Silica Gel

Amazon - Silica Gel

Healthy Boy x

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  1. Since your post on this I have been using the product for the last 4 weeks... I love it! My skin looks great and I also notice a difference in my hair too. It is thicker and shinier thank normal...perfect for the summer! Keep up the good work and thanks for the great tip!


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